What are the remedies for penis enlargement

Small penis size

Penis size is a sensitive topic for all males. Many men are dissatisfied with natural parameters and often think about how to change the situation. Not everyone wants radical methods such as surgical operations, and therefore they are looking for other methods.

We will not talk about miracle lotions, from which you will wake up as a different person with completely different sizes. On the agenda is a review of funds that work for the real growth of the phallus without operations and other headaches.

The best tools for increasing

Let's say right awayno drug lengthens the penis soloor has a short-term effect. This is a class of excipients that enhance training. The segment aims to help you achieve better results, support general well-being and men's health.

We will distinguish four categories:

  • medical- all the achievements of modern pharmacology. They work on chemically active substances, hormones;
  • vegetable- preparations for penis growth, sprays, creams, ointments. Contain herbal extracts, "ancient" formulas and components;
  • dietary supplements– vegetable vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • folk- recipes with iodine, soda, herbs.


Soda is a tricky thing. It's an abrasive. Frequent use and excessive amounts will cause irritation, peeling, rash, itching. Do not overdo it.

Believe me, ordinary sodium bicarbonate is fraught with a number of superpowers. In addition to cleaning the drain and whitening the teeth, it works to increase the penis.

You can do:

  • baths– we recommend to spend an hour before intimacy. Recipe: 1 teaspoon per glass of warm water. Bathe the penis in this solution for 15 minutes;
  • scrub- Gently rub the penis with wet soda and rinse. Honey will soften the effect of the powder;
  • compress- mix honey and soda 1: 1, apply to the penis, cover with a warm napkin. The compress lasts 10 minutes.

Preparations for penis growth

There are drugs that can increase the size of the phallus

Marketers do not sleep and often give out pacifiers with chalk under the guise of funds for the growth of the phallus. Do not buy products in dubious places, there are official websites of representatives for this.

Tablets and capsules

We have selected a number of drugs without risk to the liver and genitourinary system. They work for growth in combination with an extender, a pump. This is a good upgrade for stretching, manual training programs, the key to tone, vigor, a healthy sex life.

  1. Formula containing Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana. All this works for libido, high quality sperm, sexual activity. Single dose - 1 tablet half an hour before intimacy. Course - 2 pieces twice a day for a month.
  2. Capsules that work through a powerful complex of maca root, tongkat, arginine. Regular intake will bring your sexual activity to normal, testosterone, will enhance vascular techniques by 30%. No side effects. Eat 2 capsules daily for 21 days.
  3. Herbal complex on Goryanka, Peruvian poppy, arginine. These herbs promise an increase of up to 3 cm, which is caused by better blood supply and stretching of the cavernous bodies. You need a course intake for 2, 4 or 6 months, 1 tablet per day.
  4. Medication from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. It treats erectile dysfunction, helps those who cannot achieve high-quality potency in a natural way. Drink the drug an hour before sex, the effect will last 1. 5 days.
  5. A drug based on bioperine, co-palmetto, arginine, ginseng. The drug increases pisyun by increasing the elasticity of the cavernous bodies. With such a development factor, you can reach up to 3 cm plus. There is an improvement in blood circulation in the pelvic organs, this is the prevention of diseases of the male sphere.
  6. Another herbal companion based on vitamins, extracts and amino acids, which is designed to improve sexual desire, gives a strong erection. By improving blood circulation, get a visual enlargement of the penis. Course reception lasts a month, you have to eat two capsules in 24 hours.

dietary supplements

In NUPe dietary supplements are taken with food. Our ranking of the best penis growth supplements is below.


The herbal complex contains a lot of amino acids, easily digestible vitamin A. No side effects, overdoses. Eat 2 capsules daily during vigorous exercise. You will be cheerful, in good shape, get healthy spermatogenesis.

Beneficial for men spirulina due to the high content of amino acids
BAA based on wheat germ oil

It is the base material for all hormones, including testosterone. The composition contains zinc and selenium useful for men.

Sabal palm extract

Sabal heals the prostate, increases libido, removes inflammation. It is enough to drink 1-2 capsules for 3-4 months in a row.

Ginkgo biloba

A powerful thing for expanding blood vessels, improving blood composition, cell regeneration. Ginkgo gives a stone erection, helps in the implementation of various NUP programs.

Chinese silkworm threads

This is a classic among dietary supplements. Cordyceps gives powerful recovery and tone. As a bonus, you will receive a serious restoration of immunity.

Chinese silkworm threads promote penis growth

If you are interested in healthy supplements, before taking, check the composition, the presence of active and minor substances.


The body of NUPera needs to replenish its reserves of vitamins.

Our choice:

  • tocopherol- Consider the vitamin of sex. A participant in the synthesis of hormones, blocks thrombosis. The priority is natural vitamin E. Synthetics are ineffective. Drink 200 mg capsules daily for thirty days, with long breaks;
  • zinc- Seriously speaking, the male body loses almost half of the zinc with each ejaculation. In NUP, it increases sexual endurance, gives a quick recovery after exercise. We advise you to throw inexpensive zinc sulfate into the furnace, the best is zinc chelate;
  • selenium- to our sadness, it is not synthesized in the body. You will only get selenium from food. In NUPe, the vitamin helps maintain libido and testosterone, improves sperm quality. For real penis enlargement, the daily requirement is up to 100 mcg.
Selenium is able to increase the size of the penis, as well as increase testosterone levels.


This segment includes medical potency regulators for NUP. Pay attention to PDE-5 inhibitors. They dilate blood vessels during arousal, increase blood flow.

These medicines are a powerful support for vascular techniques. Now training will not affect the quality of erection.

Pharmacy products - creams, gels, sprays, drops

We recommend stocking up on topical products. They give a quick increase in length and a new quality of sex.

Here are some top options:

  • You will see the result after 2 months of training. The phallus increases especially well when stretched, jelq. This is due to better blood circulation. The composition contains ginkgo biloba, wheat oil, vitamin E, capsicum;
  • protein hydrolyzate, collagen, elastin promise growth of 4-5 cm in a month and a half. In general, this thing is found in sports nutrition and works to increase muscle mass, firmness, tissue elasticity;
  • top vegetable-based product (goryanka, poppy, thistle). The drug improves blood flow, enlarges the penis, blocks premature ejaculation, relieves low libido, erectile dysfunction;
  • spray based on oils, pectins and minerals with a quick effect. Apply it 10 minutes before sex and see a real increase of 35% of the original size. As a bonus, you will get an improvement in the quality of sex and vivid emotions.

It's not just how you jelq, stretch, or other manual techniques that matter. Look at the quality of the cream and the composition.


The experience of NUP with the participation of support programs has been formed for a long time. But, we hasten to disappoint, it did not bring results. After full puberty, hormones are not able to influence the size of the phallus.

Receptors sensitive to dihydrotestosterone are inactive after puberty.Until the age of 18, we strictly do not recommend getting into your hormonal background.. The only case when it is worth turning to support is a micropenis (recall, this is less than 9. 5 cm). After the diagnosis is made, the doctor prescribes hormonal drugs.

A sexually mature man cannot enlarge the phallus with the help of testosterone, somatropin, mesterolone. Do not try to treat yourself with hormones. If the problem is haunting, consult a doctor and get tested for testosterone. Otherwise, destroy the liver, kidneys, bring down the endocrine system and suffer from side effects.

What you need to eat to really increase male dignity

We have selected useful and accessible names of products and herbs. Their participation in the daily diet will put in place blood circulation, testosterone synthesis. You will notice how the erectile function will improve, the attraction, the strength of the erection, the duration of the sexual intercourse will increase.

Top list of the most useful:

  • pumpkin seed oil- nourishes the prostate gland, restores the liver. There is an adjustment of the reproductive system, a decrease in the level of bad cholesterol;
  • Pumpkin seed oil has a beneficial effect on the male prostate
  • Cayenne pepper- enhances the digestibility of everything else. If you drink another drug, eat it with a pepper pod, everything will be absorbed by almost 100%;
  • Cayenne Pepper for Penis Enlargement Drug Absorption
  • royal jelly- rich in zinc, cobalt, manganese, iron. This gives a full hematopoiesis, vivacity, tone. Add to this honey and bee bread;
  • A man will keep himself in good shape by using royal jelly and bee bread
  • eat seafood, celery, parsley, asparagus, nuts, sour cream;
  • Seafood and nuts in the diet of a man for effective penis enlargement
  • drink decoctionsepimedium (goryanka), ginseng, eurycoma. All of these things are available at the pharmacy.
  • Healing decoctions in combination with other methods will help increase the size of the penis

Iodine and oil

The iodine mesh on the penis provokes a powerful blood flow. Due to it, the body will visually increase in size. This is true. However, we want to be careful.Iodine should not be applied to the head, it will cause a serious burn.. The effect of the procedure is short-lived.

If we talk about oils, they activate blood circulation, increase the volume of the cavernous bodies. A few drops on the palms will significantly increase the comfort and effectiveness of massage techniques.

We advise:

  • sandalwood;
  • linen;
  • cinnamon;
  • mint oil.

Most Effective

Means for penis enlargement will give vivid emotions in sex with your beloved woman

Now we will dot all i's and choose the best growth option.

A good tool can:

  • increase the size of the phallus from 3 to 5 cm for a long time;
  • prolong sexual intercourse, filling it with bright orgasms;
  • strengthen erection;
  • increase the thickness of the organ.

According to our assessment, creams are the leaders in this segment. They demonstrate a local, local effect, are quickly absorbed, and are easily applied at any suitable moment. This is the best choice without the risk of side effects and contraindications.

Where can I buy

In order not to run into a fake, go to the official representatives. They are responsible for the quality of the products sold and will not hesitate to show all the certificates confirming its originality.


We are for an integrated approach! The formula for successful penis enlargement is proper nutrition, regular exercise and the right choice of aids.