How to enlarge your penis

Every second man thinks about ways to enlarge the penis. According to statistics, 30% of the stronger sex between the ages of 18 and 65 are dissatisfied with the size of the penis, 35% are absolutely satisfied and 35% are at a loss to answer this question. A survey conducted among women showed that more than half of the respondents (85%) have no complaints about the size of their partner's organ, and 5% would prefer to slightly reduce it. This discrepancy calls for clarification of the cause of men's complexes in intimate matters.

Does size matter

a man with an enlarged penis

The stereotypical idea of the sufficient size of the penis originates in ancient mythology. For many peoples and nationalities, the penis personifies a symbol of fertility, wealth, and success. It is believed that the larger the penis, the more promising a man is in business, career, and material wealth.

Various erotic films also broadcast the importance of male body size for female satisfaction. Although women themselves, on the contrary, consider the large size uncomfortable in intimate life, causing pain and discomfort. They do not mind if the penis of a regular partner is average or even slightly smaller than average.

Consider what determines the size of the penis, and what it affects.

Factors that determine the parameters of the penis

In society, there are many assumptions about the dependence of the size of the penis on certain factors. Some of them are quite reasonable, others make you smile.

That does not affect the size of the phallus in any way:

  • the length of the nose, ears, feet, arms and legs are popular folk methods for remote measurement of the penis, which in no way indicate its real volume, the probability of coincidence is 50/50;
  • the growth of a man is also an unreliable indicator;
  • the degree of hair growth, like other signs of brutality (muscle mass, temperament), does not at all affect the size of the penis;
  • obesity, the lipid layer on the abdomen and pubis is able to partially hide the penis under itself, and the size will seem smaller, but in reality only the visible part is reduced, and not the penis itself.

The physical characteristics of limbs and organs are genetically determined and are not interrelated in any way. Thus, the external dimensions of a man and his individual body parts cannot determine the size of the penis.

penis measurement before enlargement

What determines the size of the phallus:

  • heredity is one of the determining factors;
  • race affects the size of the penis: for example, the average length of the phallus in African men is 22 cm, and in Asians - 12 cm in an erect state;
  • intrauterine and hormonal development, the sex of the child is determined at the time of conception, the genitals are laid in the seventh week of a woman's pregnancy, and finally formed at the age of 12-13. Any hormonal disturbances during this period can affect the final size of a man's penis.

As you can see from these data, it is sometimes difficult to determine what is the norm for the size of the penis. After all, it so happens that the same length becomes both a standard and a pathology.

Physiological norm of the size of the penis

For European men, the average statistical standards in measuring the size of the phallus are derived. They are relied on to determine the need for surgical operations to increase the organ.

Size classification:

  • much less than the norm - up to 8 cm;
  • less than the norm - 8-12 cm;
  • norm - 12-16 cm;
  • over the norm - 16–20 cm;
  • much more than the norm - from 20 cm.

The diameter of a 12-16 cm penis is approximately 4 cm. Measurements are given for the erect penis.

It has been noticed that with an erection, the penises of men increase unevenly in proportions. Visually different in size organs in a calm state, turn out to be the same in an excited state.

According to known data, more than half of the population of European countries has a standard-sized genital organ, and only 3% is smaller and significantly less than the norm. From this we can conclude that most cases of dissatisfaction with the size of the phallus are unfounded.

What affects the size of the penis

a woman with a man enlarged penis

The general belief that penis size matters to a woman's satisfaction is just a myth. To bring a partner to orgasm, a man may not use this tool at all. Most women experience a clitoral orgasm, the onset of which does not depend on the size of the penis.

For a woman to reach a vaginal orgasm during classic sex, a larger phallus is really required, since the erogenous point of the vagina is located near the base of the cervix. But, given that the depth of the vagina in women is 14-16 cm, any average penis can satisfy it.

The main function of the penis is fertilization, and size also has no effect on its performance. Talking about how difficult it is to get pregnant from a partner with a small penis is nothing more than fiction. Otherwise, the population of China would have completely lost the ability to reproduce.

If the above arguments do not convince, and there is still a desire to enlarge the organ, consider the main ways to do this.

How to enlarge your penis

Since the question is relevant, folk, practical and surgical medicine has many ways to solve this problem, from rubbing various ointments and creams into the body to surgery.

Non-surgical methods include any physical action on the penis, for example:

  • various massage techniques;
  • the use of mechanical devices;
  • drug therapy.

Reviews on the Internet speak of the possibility of increasing the penis up to 10 centimeters, but proven examples reduce this figure to 1–2 cm.

Phallus extension massage

prostate massage for penis enlargement

The simplest procedure for penis enlargement is massage. It stimulates blood circulation, accelerates stagnation, improves the quality of erectile function and increases male libido.

Among the manual techniques, there are:

  • jelqing;
  • massage of the penis and prostate;
  • Kegel method.

General rules for all types of procedures: clean body, lubrication or massage oil and warmth. Start by warming up the groin area with a hot towel, heating pad, or a bag of calcined salt.

The action should not hurt or injure the skin.

Massage of the prostate and penis is useful for every man, regardless of the size of the organ. Small penis sizes are often caused by insufficient erection. The reasons can be completely different: the psycho-emotional state of a man, a sedentary lifestyle, alcoholism and others. Massage improves blood circulation, improves the quality of erection.

Therapy begins with kneading the pubic region, moving to the penis and pulling movements follow from the root to the head, trying not to stimulate an erection. Then, with pressing movements, treat the base of the penis and proceed to massage the prostate through the anus.

Some men are embarrassed about this procedure, but it is extremely beneficial for the health of the genitourinary system. The prostate is an immobile organ, with sedentary work and the absence of sports, the circulation of fluids is disturbed in it, and lymphatic and secretory congestions are formed. And this, in turn, directly affects the size of the penis in an erect state.

Jelqing is a special technique for kneading the penis. If during a regular massage the degree of erection does not matter (you can carry out the procedure both without it and in a state of 100% readiness), then jelqing requires an unchanged condition - erect penis by 50–70%.

Avoid overstimulation of the phallus or complete disappearance of arousal. This will lead to undesirable consequences or not give the desired result.

The prepared penis (warmed up and slightly erect) is tightly wrapped around a ring of thumb and forefinger and, squeezing, move from the root to the head. Movements should be rhythmic, reminiscent of sliding fingers when milking cows ("jelqing" is translated as milking).

jelqing finger ring for penis enlargement

Important points:

  • do not squeeze the penis too hard so as not to damage the blood vessels;
  • try to move at the same pace, you can change hands;
  • do not touch the head of the penis to avoid overexcitation;
  • do not break the penis, move only from the base to the head;
  • in the first week of procedures, use a lubricant - lubricant or massage oil, as you get used to, go to "dry" jelqing, as the lubricant provokes an erection, which interferes with the massage and slows it down. But lubrication reduces pressure on blood vessels and reduces the risk of negative consequences.

The first procedure lasts 1–2 minutes, after a week the time is increased to 5 minutes, by a month up to 10 minutes and training continues at the same time. The first noticeable results are seen after a month of daily exercise. To expect tangible changes in 3-6 months, applying the technique 3-4 times a week.

The Kegel method is more of a preventive and curative nature, aimed at strengthening the sphincter muscles, getting rid of congestion and restoring a full erection.

To perform the exercise, you need to feel the muscle to which the impact will be directed. The easiest way to do this is at the time of urination. Try to stop the flow of urine, as if drawing it back. To facilitate the task, place your finger under the base of the penis and try to feel tactilely which muscle is contracting at this moment.

This muscle will have to be strained 10-20 times from 5 to 30 seconds 2-3 times a day. You need to track the number of repetitions for two to three weeks, then this function is automated.

It is most convenient to start the procedure at the time of urination. In this case, it will immediately be possible to evaluate the result. As soon as the urine stream stops from muscle tension, the desired level is reached, then the exposure time increases.

Important points:

  • this procedure does not involve the muscles of the pelvis and back, try to strain only one muscle;
  • do not hold your breath, do not strain your abs and face.

When the muscle gets stronger, you will be able to make vigorous movements with an excited penis, which will pleasantly surprise your partner.

Mechanical devices for penis enlargement

penis enlargement vacuum pump

The hardware action on the penis is more aggressive than massage, but, according to reviews, it gives quick and good results.

Mechanical methods include:

  • hanging loads;
  • using a pump;
  • using an extender.

To reduce the risk of injury, start your treatments at a low stress and low intensity.

Hanging a weight on the head of the penis is the most traumatic method. It is designed for the effect of stretching the skin and cavernous bodies in the penis, stimulating active cell division and natural organ growth.

A strong thread with a tied weight is attached just above the head; for this, a medical plaster is used. With this tension, a man walks from 15 minutes to 8 hours a day. The procedure is started with a weight of 100 grams, gradually increasing the weight of the load.

The main rule of suspension is to prevent numbness of the head of the penis.

An extender, an apparatus that stretches the penis, has a similar effect. It has two clips, one is attached under the head, the other - to the base. Between them there are rods, the untwisting of which moves the clamps apart, stretching the penis. Using the extender, you can achieve the effect of hanging 2 kg from the head.

Penile stretching techniques only increase the length. To influence the volume, a pump is used - a vacuum cap that is put on the penis. Then air is pumped out, negative pressure is created, which simulates blood flow, vasodilation.

The action of the pump is relatively safe, it gives a good, but short-term result.

Penis enlargement drugs

An alternative non-surgical way to change the size of the penis is to use dietary supplements in the form of ointments, sprays, tablets, hormonal therapy. Some drugs are fast acting, others are cumulative.

Ointments and gels stimulate blood flow to the penis due to the warming effect, and the addition of natural extracts makes the penis elastic and firm. Many products are also used as a lubricant during intercourse, enhancing the feelings of the partner.

The hormonal effect on the size of the phallus is considered ineffective, but increases the overall brutality of a man.

Dietary supplements act to increase potency and improve the quality of erection. They do not increase the organ in the literal sense. They most often have a natural composition and are relatively safe when used rarely.

Any drugs have contraindications and side effects. Before using these funds, it is necessary to consult a doctor and conduct a diagnosis of the body.

Combining methods gives good results. For example, daily massage and the use of warming lubricants before intercourse.

Surgical resizing of the penis

The indication for surgery is only to diagnose the size of the penis significantly below normal, that is, less than 8 cm in an erection state. Men who do not fall under these conditions are recommended to undergo psychotherapeutic treatment to raise their self-esteem. And also sessions of a sexologist, who will suggest the best sex positions and other ways to satisfy a woman, help well.

the surgeon prepares for penis enlargement surgery

The surgical method is rather difficult, has many consequences and is dangerous with complications. In addition, a man who decides to have an operation is often unhappy with the result.

There is no method that can drastically change the size of the penis. Even surgery will add no more than 3 cm to the original value.

The procedure itself is quite simple: the surgeon dissects the ligaments that support the penis at the base. The main task of the patient is to prevent the ligaments from growing together. For this, an extender or suspension is used in the postoperative period.

In addition to lengthening, the surgeon can add volume to the penis. For this, donor implants are used, which are implanted under the skin. This procedure belongs to plastic surgery and is cosmetic.


Each of the above methods has limitations of use. In order to prevent complications and possible injuries, it is necessary to carefully study all contraindications:

  1. Any procedures cannot be carried out if there are inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.
  2. Not all methods of changing the size of the penis are allowed for men with diabetes. Only regular massage with care is allowed.
  3. Stretching and surgery are not used for diseases of the cardiovascular and hematopoietic systems.
  4. Surgery is not performed if you have a tendency to form keloid scars.

To exclude contraindications and choose the best method for changing the size of the penis, a consultation with an urologist-andrologist is required.


Even with the correct technique for performing the procedures, consequences sometimes arise. The most common complications by severity are:

  • allergic reactions that appear when using the drug method;
  • hyperemia, bruising, violations of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • accession of infection;
  • the appearance of stretch marks on the skin of the penis;
  • change in the proportions and shape of the organ due to creases or uneven effects;
  • loss of sensitivity, decreased erection;
  • postoperative scars and scars;
  • irreversible impotence.

Thus, the race for size can lead to a complete loss of organ functionality. Before resorting to any method, you need to assess all the risks and the expected result, act carefully, without harming your male health.