How to increase penis growth at home

penis measurement before augmentation at home

If, nevertheless, a man does not want to listen to the opinion of doctors and decided that he still needs to grow a penis, then he can use several methods available at home:

  • hardware room;
  • manual;
  • medication.

Each of these methods has its own disadvantages and advantages, so before making a choice, you need to learn more about them.

In order for penis enlargement at home to go quickly and without complications, you should first consult a specialist. He will prescribe an ultrasound of the vessels and pelvic organs, and based on the diagnostic results, a decision will be made whether it is possible to lengthen the phallus on your own or is it better to do it in the clinic.

Hardware technique

In a medical equipment store or in a sex shop, you can find many devices that help increase your "dignity" up to 20 cm at home. The most famous and popular of them has been the vacuum extender for many years.

vacuum extender for penis enlargement

The device has the shape of a pump. She "sucks in" the head of the penis and pulls it off with the help of special pistons, the base of which rests against the pubic region. In this position, a man should spend about 5-6 minutes. The number of procedures is not limited.

The disadvantages of the device were the following:

  • the likelihood of squeezing blood vessels under the delicate skin of the head of the penis;
  • the appearance of bruises on the genitals;
  • discomfort during the procedure;
  • the need for long-term use.

The positive features of the extender are that it gives good results (in a month the penis will increase by about 3 cm) and is quite cheap. In addition, if desired, you can purchase soft and elastic pads for the vacuum pump, which reduce trauma and guarantee no bruises. But it is worth remembering that they should be changed after each use of the extender, which is somewhat costly.

Men who think that their penis is too small try their best to enlarge it. They use:

  1. sprays;
  2. ointments and creams;
  3. special exercises for the penis;
  4. pills;
  5. hormone therapy;
  6. surgical intervention.

Gels and ointments that need to be applied before intimacy will quickly and easily help to enlarge the penis at home. The effect of them is instant, within a few minutes your dignity will become a little longer and thicker. But after a single application of the ointment, the penis will quickly return to its natural size.

Important: The penis is not a bone or a muscle. This is a special very complex organ, literally riddled with blood vessels. It is due to the flow of blood that it instantly increases in volume.

It is much more important to enlarge the penis for life, and not for several hours, many males dream about this. Adding a couple of centimeters to the penis forever is obtained by some men with the help of:

  • exercise;
  • hormone therapy;
  • biologically active additives;
  • workouts with a pump and an extender.

To achieve the effect, it is necessary to provide regular treatment and wait for the result within six months. After only a few months, you will be able to notice changes in the amount of manhood.

Official medicine claims that it is almost impossible to enlarge the penis. Men get rid of their complexes about their small size solely through self-hypnosis, increased libido and erection.

What is the normal length of the penis?

penis measurement after enlargement

Despite hundreds of opinion polls carried out among women and men in different parts of the world, it is impossible to find a "golden mean" and answer the question of what size of the sex organ is the norm for the stronger sex. In the United States, it is believed that the optimal length should be at least 17 centimeters, but, for example, in the UK this figure is lower and is about 15 cm.

Experts argue that several factors affect what size of the phallus can be considered normal:

  • aesthetic preferences of both partners;
  • the width of the woman's vagina (the narrower the opening, the less significant the size of the man's penis in sex);
  • the ability to use one's "dignity".

The last point is especially important, since, in principle, the length of the penis does not affect the degree of pleasure that a woman experiences in the process of intimacy. Scientists have long ago refuted the myth that a girl can get a strong and vivid orgasm only if her partner has a large reproductive organ.

Hardware technique

penis enlargement extender
  • In an inactive state, the penis is 5-10 centimeters, in an erect state from 14 to 16. The girth or diameter is 3-4 cm.
  • These values are optimal - they correspond to the depth and volume of the vagina.
  • If your dignity fluctuates within these limits, the problem is most likely contrived, psychological, not physiological.
  • Deviation from the norm - the length of the penis is less than eight centimeters in a state of erection in an adult.
  • Size does not affect a woman's satisfaction. The opinion that only large dimensions can lead to orgasm is a myth.

The main goal of penis enlargement is to choose a method that will not be a waste of time and money.

1. Operation

The most radical method. Not every man decides how to enlarge his penis by surgery. All other methods are inferior to the operation, however, the price makes it unaffordable for many. Surgical intervention of two types:

  1. Adding length.
  2. Thickening.

Surgically, you can enlarge the penis up to 4 cm under local anesthesia in the clinic.

Micropenis the size of the penis is not more than three cm
Hypospadias pathology in which the opening of the urethra may not be on the head, but under it: in the perineum, in the scrotum. The penis can be deformed, underdeveloped.
Cavernous fibrosis pathological compaction of cavernous tissue, replacement of its fibrous.
Epispadias splitting of the wall of the urethra, partially or completely.
Peyronie's disease curvature of the penis due to fibrous neoplasms
Gender reassignment complete reconstruction of the genitals

There are no direct indications for penile enlargement surgery, this procedure is a plastic one, called ligamentotomy. Phalloplasty is performed in urological centers and in private clinics.

Choosing a safe and easy way

You still decided to try to increase your manhood? Before choosing a way to solve the problem, try to contact a specialist andrologist or sexologist.

This is especially true for men with low libido and erection difficulties. Perhaps you need additional diagnostics and competent treatment. After consulting a doctor, you can choose a safe and convenient way to enlarge your penis.

Ointments and gels

Perhaps the most common method among men of all ages. Ointments and gels have a lot of advantages:

  1. ease of use;
  2. instant effect;
  3. local action without penetration into the general bloodstream;
  4. affordable price;
  5. no contraindications, except for allergic reactions.

Using gels, creams, special food, dietary supplements and pills, you can achieve stimulation of blood flow, improvement of erection, prolongation of intimate intercourse, and, in general, better self-control during sex. Such methods of penis enlargement at home create conditions for growth rather than stimulate it.

Engaging in special exercises, complex types of massage, regular jelqing and hanging, you can count on the growth of the length and girth of the penis, but rather slow.

But how to enlarge your penis at home and get a lasting result without negative consequences? Experts and andrologists strongly recommend using high-quality extenders paired with stretchers, and complementing and consolidating the result - using pumps and hydraulic pumps as auxiliary devices.


This is a lengthy procedure, the result here is the addition of several factors:

  1. You need to measure an erect penis.
  2. A measuring tape is pressed against the root of the trunk along the back to the top of the head.
  3. Three lengths are added, the average is displayed.
  4. The thickness is measured in three places: at the root, in the middle, at the neck.
  5. The indicator is calculated similarly to the length.
  6. Measurements are carried out three times: morning / afternoon / evening. The size of the penis is variable. It depends on the temperature of the body and environment, the degree of arousal, psychological state and many more.
man with ruler measures penis

If the decision is final, you are firmly resolved to enlarge the penis, let's move on to considering the methods of increasing the volume of the organ.

There are several of them:

  • jelqing;
  • Kegel complex;
  • surgical augmentation;
  • massage impact;
  • hanging loads;
  • taking medications;
  • extender;
  • vacuum pump;
  • gel, spray, ointment, cream;
  • nozzle.

No need to wait for penis enlargement instantly. Perseverance, regularity of effort will bear fruit.

How fast can you make your penis bigger?

Often, men decide to use special exercises. This method is as natural as possible, does not require additional investment. Its main disadvantage is the lack of a quick effect.

Many men stop exercising after a few weeks, believing that they are not effective. It is not right. Research confirms that penis enlarges only after 4-5 months of regular and competent practice!

The main thing is to choose the exercises you need and train to do them correctly. Be sure to use a lubricant and find your ideal erection strength. It should be conditionally 50-60%.

Only if all the conditions are met and regular training can you increase your penis by about 1-2 cm in a few months. The result will stay with you forever!

You must understand that each method of increase has a different price. To be as informed as possible, find out how much it costs to increase the penis in each of the ways listed.

Is penis enlargement at home real or a myth?

penis enlargement pills

If you want to enlarge your penis instantly just before intercourse, several tools will help. The safest are topical ointments and gels. They will improve erection and enlarge the penis.

Instant penis enlargement can also be achieved with special pills. They need to be drunk a few minutes before intimacy. Remember that there are many contraindications for their use!

Important: when choosing a method of penis enlargement, be guided, first of all, by the principles of safety. A few centimeters that you manage to "add" are in no way worth injuries, problems with blood vessels and erection.

Regular and careful methods of influencing the penis can have a lasting effect without harm to health. Please be patient while waiting for the result! Be healthy and sexy!

A small penis does not satisfy everyone, and you should not take this problem only as "inability to use". You should not ask just anyone about how to increase a penis at home - most are skeptical about such undertakings. However, skepticism is in vain - scientific progress leads to the emergence of more and more effective ways and methods of penis enlargement at home.

Rumor has it that in only 2 months of satisfaction with the help of a very narrow opening, the male genital organ can shrink. Such a statement is unlikely to be true, however, the upward resizing is definitely not a myth. The systematic implementation of targeted actions, in particular, special exercises, effective tools and proven means will soon allow you to answer the question yourself whether it is possible to enlarge a member at home. And this answer will be in the affirmative, but only with the right approach.

Folk remedies

On the Internet, we find a lot of articles on how to enlarge the penis at home using folk remedies and methods. However, the effectiveness of alternative medicine is questionable, although the reviews of some men who decided on "grandfather's" experiments speak of a positive result.