Penis enlargement: how real is it

Despite the assertion by sexologists that the size of the penis does not in any way affect the achievement of orgasm by a partner, many men from year to year wonder how to make their dignity more.

Most of the information offered on the Internet is a cynical myth created to exploit male self-doubt. Perpetual spam emails and fake websites trying to sell questionable medications.

In this article, we have collected the most popular ways to enlarge the male genital organ, and tried to find out if they actually work.

First, let's bust the myths straight away. And let's start with the sensational methods that will definitely not work, but also can harm the body.

a man is dissatisfied with the size of the penis how to enlarge

Ineffective ways to enlarge the penis


The history of jelqing is rooted in the distant past. In ancient times, this technique, which can increase the size and volume of the male genital organ, was used mainly by the Arabs. It is known that it involves the use of a certain set of special exercises, the purpose of which is to stimulate blood flow to manhood.

Jelqing is a kind of penis training, a set of exercises that helps to increase its size. This also works by increasing blood flow to the genitals, only this method uses weights, tensioners, or just hands.

small and large penis size on the example of cucumbers

The Internet offers us an unrealistic number of options for "training" the member. Each Internet portal promises good results, but subject to patience and constant work. Every day for 30 minutes you should stretch the penis from base to tip, in no case bringing yourself to orgasm.

It is said that the penis will enlarge due to the breakdown of skin cells. As a result, cells will duplicate, forming new tissues. Hence the size will grow.

Of course, this is a myth. If this method worked, then most men by the age of 20 would be owners of indecently huge members. Well, increasing the number of cells due to deformation of muscle tissue is a very dubious event. In general, the method doesn't make any sense.

Effective ways to enlarge the penis


There are two types of male pumps: vacuum pumps and hydraulic pumps.

A pump is a vacuum pump that increases the amount of oxygen in the tissues of the penis. It does this by increasing blood flow. As a result, the penis swells and becomes slightly larger and tighter.

Hydraulic pumps are essentially the same pumps, only they have water instead of air. Well, of course, you need to recruit her there.

penis enlargement pumps

Vacuum therapy is developed abroad. Doctors use vacuum pumps mainly in the course of treatment for erectile dysfunction and during the recovery of the penis after surgery on the prostate gland or after radiation therapy.

But there are two sides of the coin about penis enlargement. On the one hand, in the vacuum of the pump, the penis grows - grows noticeably. But as soon as you release the vacuum, remove the pump, the penis immediately returns to its original size.

Doctors say that the pump can only be achieved with regular use.

Increasing once and for all is impossible!

Well, you need to use the pump carefully and correctly: you can damage the vessels or the mucous membrane of the penis. In general, it is better to use the pump yourself after consulting your doctor.


An extender is a device that can enlarge the size of the penis without pain and costly surgeries. At the same time, the device gives not a temporary, but a permanent result - having reached a certain size of the penis, you will forever become their owner.

The action of the device is based on the force of stretching: under the influence of the device, the cavernous bodies and ligaments are stretched, which causes the gradual growth of new cells, which means an increase in the volume of the cavernous bodies. The result of this effect is that the corpora cavernosa can absorb more blood when an erection occurs. At the same time, this does not affect the quality of erection and orgasm.

penis enlargement extender


The most effective, but also the most brutal way. There are several types of penis enlargement surgeries.

  1. The most popular method is the plastic of the frenum of the penis. This is the simplest and most harmless surgical intervention, which promises an organ enlargement by 1-1. 5 cm.
  2. The second method is the transplantation of fatty tissue from the buttocks into the shaft of the penis. At the exit, the penis does not look very beautiful, although it does become larger and thicker. True, over time, fat is metabolized, so that within a year, male dignity takes on its usual size.
  3. One of the most aggressive methods is cutting the ligaments that support the penis. This method can enlarge the penis by several inches, but greatly affects the erection. The consequence of such an operation is very often impotence.
  4. Well, the most unpopular method is implantation. Different silicone implants are used for thickening, and prosthetics are used for lengthening.

You should always remember that such a process is irreversible. We need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Of course, there are examples of successful operations. But, often these are photographs and articles about how the unfortunate patients were irreparably damaged.

Cock Rings & Cock Tips

The most wonderful way of all! It does not require any exercise or surgery. The method, of course, will not bring a permanent effect, but at the time of sexual intimacy it will make the penis stronger, longer, thicker and more sensitive.

We are talking about cock rings or penis attachments - it's simple and effective.

The penis attachment is specially designed to increase male dignity. It is visually as close as possible to the shape and color of a natural penis. With the help of the attachment, you can increase the length of the penis by 3-10 cm. All attachments are equipped with a ring for attaching to the scrotum, this is necessary so that the attachment does not accidentally come off.

cock rings

By the way, another plus is a huge selection of different attachments that will suit everyone's taste: open, closed, with the function of a condom, thickening, with clitoral and anal stimulators, with pimples. In general, whatever your heart desires.

Cock ring is one of the most popular sex toys for men.

Improving erection is one of its properties, but besides this, the ring also enlarges the penis in size. The time of intercourse also increases - you will have a longer, better, more "solid" and more confident sex.

There are also rings that you want: with vibration, with clitoral or anal stimulators, of various shapes and sizes. They work like this: the ring restricts the blood flow inside the penis, which enhances the erection, makes the penis strong and firm.

Size doesn't matter

The stereotype "the more the better" has come from ancient times. The phallus was a symbol of strength and fertility. But these days it is not so important what your instrument is, the main thing is to be able to use it.

Of the methods of increasing that we have considered, something, of course, works, but all this is very individual, or it may even be dangerous. So before you try to increase your dignity, you should think 100 times.