Penis enlargement in folk ways: the best recipes and techniques

Thinking about ways to increase the size of the penis, many people think that only surgery can help. However, this is the most radical way to resolve the issue; we talked about penis enlargement operations in this article. There are other methods of penis lengthening, many of which appeared quite a long time ago and were used by ancient peoples before the establishment of official medicine, such as we know it today. Nevertheless, today many choose folk methods of penis enlargement, as proven and proven.

In the article we will consider some of these folk methods. Some of them may seem strange and completely "wild" to you, while they are quite common. It is quite possible to enlarge the penis at home with the help of traditional medicine techniques.

Penis enlargement in exotic ways

penis enlargement in exotic ways

One of the popular methods of penis enlargement is to use a special homemade ointment, the main ingredient of which is earthworms.

The recipe is as follows: you need to dig up earthworms and dry them, and then mix with finely chopped nettles. It is necessary to add a liter of honey or lamb fat to the resulting mass, mix everything thoroughly and leave for 10 days in a dark, dry place.

Then it is necessary to treat the skin of the penis with this ointment every day before going to bed during the growing moon.

Method of Taoist monks for penis enlargement

To prepare a special ointment, rather exotic ingredients are needed. It is necessary to take 0. 7 g of saline cischante and 0. 4 g of sargassum algae. These plants must be dried and crushed through a mortar. Further, it is necessary to add to them the liver of a white dog, obtained in the first phase of the moon. These ingredients are extremely difficult to buy in stores in our country, but they can be ordered via the Internet.

taoist penis enlargement technique

Within three days, the resulting substance must be applied to the genitals, and then washed off in the morning with water from a well. As a rule, before such a procedure, it is necessary to conduct a special meditation, otherwise this method may not bring results. In this case, self-hypnosis can really help to achieve the effect.

Magic rituals for penis enlargement

Another folk method of penis enlargement involves the use of magical rituals. Many believe that higher powers, when properly addressed, can help increase the size of the penis.

magic rituals for penis enlargement

To do this, there are many different conspiracies, as well as combinations of runes. Of course, it is difficult to say whether they are actually effective, but, as in the previous version, many of them can work on autosuggestion.

Also, there is another method of penis enlargement based on self-hypnosis, which, at the same time, can really work - hypnosis sessions.

In addition to such magical methods, there are also many other, simple and mundane folk ways to increase the penis, the necessary ingredients and means for which it is quite easy to get.

Penis enlargement with Vaseline

An unusual and rather dubious, from the point of view of safety, folk method that appeared in our prisons and, nevertheless, gained popularity due to its effectiveness. The process of such an increase is quite uncomfortable and painful, but many are ready to go for an increase in Vaseline for the sake of the result.

Vaseline for penis enlargement

The essence of this technique lies in the fact that the genital organ is gently squeezed at the base; then, using a syringe, from 10 to 20 cubes of petroleum jelly are injected into the barrel - the amount depends on what results you need to achieve.

Since this method is quite traumatic, it should be carried out by a trained person, preferably with medical experience. The procedure should be carried out with special attention and caution, subject to the conditions of absolute sterility and disinfection before the procedure.

However, the risks of side effects in this case are high - since the Vaseline is unevenly distributed over the injection site, this can lead to serious injury. Medical specialists consider this method of penis enlargement to be dangerous and unacceptable.

There are several reasons for this:

  • When a foreign body or ingredient is injected under the skin, there is a risk of an oleogranuloma, which can be removed with the help of surgery; if such an intervention did not occur in a timely manner, then the patient may face impotence and more serious consequences.
  • When using such an artisanal technique, it is rarely possible to comply with the conditions of complete sterility, therefore, the risk of various infections is also high, which can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Many people have a strong allergic reaction to Vaseline, which also does not lead to good consequences.

We categorically do not recommend using Vaseline for such purposes. Fortunately, many do not trust such a prison technique, being aware of the possible consequences.

There are many other, much safer ways to enlarge a penis using folk methods.

Penis enlargement with a vacuum cleaner

This folk method can not be attributed to safe either. To enlarge the penis, there are special vacuum pumps and other devices that work with a pump. They are quite popular because they really allow you to achieve results. We talked about them in more detail in this article. For many, the downside is their rather high price. Some believe that a vacuum cleaner works on the same principle and can be used for penis enlargement; it is advised to use it daily.

penis enlargement vacuum cleaner

Of course, from a purely technical point of view, it is possible to enlarge a penis with a vacuum cleaner, although this requires special care: you must carefully monitor the power of the operating device, since too much exposure can lead to injury.

We strongly do not recommend the use of such a technique and advise you to choose a more gentle of the folk ways to increase the phallus.

Suspension of loads

Perhaps one of the most popular penis enlargement techniques that has been used since ancient times - for example, Indian tribes have been using this technique for several 1000 years.

hanging weights for penis enlargement

Of course, this technique also needs to be used with caution - if you overdo it, there is a risk of rupture of the ligaments, which will lead to impotence.

In this case, we advise you not to take risks, taking an example from the ancient tribes, and choose more modern methods with minimal health risks.

Gymnastics for penis enlargement

gymnastics for penis enlargement

As you already know, active physical exercises contribute to muscle building. The sexual organ does not consist of muscles; however, some penis enlargement exercises are effective. Such gymnastics consists of the following exercises:

  • traction. Performing this technique, it is necessary to carefully pull the penis to the maximum possible length. These exercises are performed in a non-erect state of the penis.
  • Milking. It is necessary to wrap the genitals with a scarf or gauze soaked in warm water. Through the tissue, the head is massaged with the thumb and forefinger with up and down movements. If you feel discomfort during the procedure, stop immediately. For better glide, we recommend using a special lubricant. Similar exercises must be performed every day for five days, then take a break for two days and start the procedure again.
  • Breathing exercises. First, exhale completely, and then inhale completely with your belly. Such breathing must be repeated 50 times, and then massage the pubic area with the right hand in a circular motion in a clockwise direction. Next, you need to squeeze the genital organ between your hands and rub it for quite a long time, preventing ejaculation. The effect of such exercises does not come quickly, it will take several months to achieve the result.

Such exercises give more noticeable results if you start doing them at a young age. Of course, the effect is not lightning fast, and it is not always possible to achieve the desired result, but at least such exercises will not harm health.

Enlargement of the phallus with herbs

The effectiveness of magical rituals in this case remains in question, and vaseline and hanging weights are quite dangerous techniques. There are other folk ways to increase the penis - for example, with the help of special herbs. This method has a minimal risk of possible side effects and has a general healing effect on the pelvic organs; Also, such herbal medicine can improve men's health.

There are other advantages to penis enlargement with herbs:

  • Medicinal herbs and herbal preparations are not expensive at all, and you can buy them at any pharmacy. If desired, and certain skills, the necessary herbs can be collected independently.
  • This method of penis enlargement is one of the safest and causes fewer side effects than modern gels, creams, as well as pills and supplements.
  • Regular use of phytotherapy brings a prolonged and stable result. Yes, the effect of this method does not come quickly, but it stays with you for a long time.
herbs for penis enlargement

It is worth bearing in mind also the existing disadvantages of penis enlargement with the help of herbs:

  • We have already said that the result does not come quickly - it takes several months to wait for the effect. For some, only faster methods of penis enlargement are suitable.
  • When collecting herbs on your own, you will need to spend a lot of time on their extraction, as well as preparing, drying, grinding and preparing decoctions.
  • The effect of herbal medicine can be negated with the wrong lifestyle and bad habits.

Folk herbal recipes for penis enlargement

manual massage for penis enlargement
  1. 100 g of chopped thyme must be poured with boiling water and the resulting tincture should be drunk in a cooled form for four months every day before breakfast and dinner. In no case should you skip even one day of admission, otherwise the course will have to be started again.
  2. Garlic in the amount of 200 g must be crushed manually or with a garlic press; then add 200 ml of medical alcohol to it. The resulting substance is mixed and left for 10 days in a dry place. The resulting infusion should be consumed 25 drops every day for three months.
  3. Wormwood seeds in the amount of one teaspoon must be poured with cold water and boiled for 10 minutes. The resulting broth must be filtered, cooled and consumed three times a day for half a glass.
  4. Mix 1 liter of whole milk with 1 kg of butter and the same amount of chopped asparagus. In the resulting mixture, you need to add 90 g of carrot seeds and the same amount of linden seeds. The resulting mass must be thoroughly mixed and boiled over medium heat until it begins to thicken. The resulting liquid must be consumed at 80 g per day.
  5. Another recipe for local action. Once a week, you need to rub into the skin of the penis mixed infusion of hawthorn, Korean ginseng and ginkgo biloba leaves.

This is one of the most popular methods for penis enlargement using herbs. There are a large number of other recipes, if you wish, you can choose a more pleasant and suitable way for you.

Folk methods for penis enlargement are not always based on herbal recipes. In some cases, other, still available improvised ingredients are used, such as: soap, oils, soda, various ointments, etc.

Penis enlargement with soda

soda for penis enlargement

When using this method, you will need: baking soda, a soft sponge, and any vegetable oil.

  • Before starting the procedure, you must take a hot shower or bath to steam the skin. Dry thoroughly with a towel to dry your skin.
  • Liberally apply vegetable oil on the entire surface of the penis. On top of it, apply a small amount of soda and for several minutes massage the penis in circular motions along the entire length, using a sponge for this. A small penis enlargement should happen immediately.
  • If during this technique you feel discomfort, such as tightness and dryness of the skin, use a moisturizing or nourishing cream.
  • The resulting effect will last for several hours.

Penis enlargement with an asterisk

It is believed that using a technique similar to the previous one, it is possible to enlarge the penis with the help of Vietnamese balm. However, when applying this balm to the skin of the penis, many may feel a burning sensation and other uncomfortable sensations - with this technique there is a risk of burning the mucous membranes.

balm for penis enlargement

To understand whether penis enlargement with a balm is suitable for you, you can conduct the following test: dilute a little soda in water, apply it to the penis area and wait about half an hour. If there is no allergic reaction, redness, irritation on the skin, you can safely use the balm. If any of these effects appear, it is better to postpone the asterisk.

However, we do not recommend experimenting with this Vietnamese balm and advise you to choose safer methods of penis enlargement.


Many of the men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis are ready to try a variety of methods to increase it, including artisanal and folk techniques. From a medical point of view, such penis enlargement is dangerous and can lead to undesirable consequences. If you intend to enlarge the penis, we advise you to contact a medical specialist for advice.

In this article, we talked about many penis enlargement techniques using folk remedies, and also gave information about the possible consequences. Consider whether it is worth taking the risk and using at least one of them.