How to enlarge the reproductive organ. penis enlargement

For every man, starting from adolescence, his sexual organ is the most intimate part of the body. The attitude to the penis is always as serious as possible and any humorous phrase addressed to manhood is perceived as a deadly insult. Therefore, the issue of penis size is especially relevant for the stronger sex, since rarely any man would not like to make it bigger. There are a huge number of methods on how to enlarge the penis, but not all of them are effective, and some of them pose a threat to the health of a man.

man with enlarged penis

One of the most popular ways can be called penis enlargement exercises. There are a great many such exercises, and each man can choose the technique that is most suitable for himself in terms of complexity and duration. Special exercises for penis enlargement are among the methods of how to enlarge the penis at home, which makes this choice very convenient for working men.

Before you start doing the exercises, you need special preparation:

  • Choose a place where no one will disturb or distract you. Performing penis enlargement exercises require concentration;
  • Dip a soft cloth in warm water, wring it out and wrap your penis in it for three minutes;
  • For best effect, repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times;

Penis enlargement exercises are aimed at stretching it and increasing erection. Stretching techniques are performed with the penis relaxed and erect. Each man can choose the method that is right for him on the Internet or in specialized literature. The key to the success of this method is regularity. The disadvantages include the duration of this method of penis enlargement and the need to regularly find free time to perform it.


The next method to enlarge the penis is massage. The effect is due to the improvement of blood microcirculation in the tissues of male dignity:

  • Massage, like exercises, refers to methods of how to enlarge the penis at home, which means it is available to everyone;
  • You don't need any extra tools;
  • If you strictly follow the instructions on how to enlarge a penis with a massage, then the risk of side effects is eliminated;
  • In addition to lengthening the penis, a man's sexual stamina increases, potency improves;
  • A large selection of techniques allows you to choose the most effective for each man;
  • For best results, you can combine massage and penis enlargement cream;

The main disadvantage of this method is that it takes a lot of time to complete it.

Creams and ointments

Penis enlargement cream has recently become a very popular way to increase manhood in size. A wide range of these funds provides a choice for every taste and budget. Enlargement of the penis occurs due to the effect of the active components of the cream on its tissues. According to the mechanism of action, they are divided:

  1. Short acting penis enlargement cream. The effect lasts for several hours. It is better to apply shortly before sexual intercourse. The best option, how to quickly increase a penis;
  2. Cream of long action. The effect is observed some time after regular use. Manufacturers promise a long-term increase in the length and volume of the penis;
  3. Auxiliary agent for penis enlargement. Such a cream is used in combination with exercises, massage or other methods of penis enlargement. Independent use of such a cream is ineffective;

Before using any cream or ointment for penis enlargement, be sure to read the instructions. may be a manifestation of an allergy. In this case, it is better to refuse to use this tool. The main disadvantage of this method, how to increase the size of the penis, is the high cost. A high-quality cream or ointment in sex shops is expensive, and the use of cheap products is not only ineffective, but also dangerous to health.

vacuum pump

Penis enlargement with a vacuum pump is quite common today. This device is also used to treat impotence and. Vacuum pump for penis enlargement is an oval plastic cylinder with an air pump. Penis enlargement occurs as follows:

  • First, an auxiliary cream is applied to the genitals;
  • A member is placed in a cylinder and air is pumped with a pump. The pressure can be controlled by a built-in pressure gauge;
  • Under air pressure, the cavities of the cavernous bodies expand, and an additional blood flow is created, as a result of which the length and volume of the penis increases;

The disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is its short duration. The procedure should be carried out immediately before sexual intercourse.

Using the extender

Another tool for penis enlargement is the use of extenders. The mechanism of their action is the resistance of tissues to a certain weight. Weight can range from 400 to 1100 grams. An increase in volume and length occurs as a compensatory reaction of the body to the effects of weight. Penis extenders are long-term methods, their effect lasts for a long time. With the help of these devices, you can also eliminate the curvature of the penis. However, to achieve a positive result, you need to use the extender regularly and for quite a long time. According to the configuration, the devices are:

  • Extenders with a belt;
  • Loop type extenders;
  • Universal extenders;

Improper use of a penis extender can lead to injury to the foreskin.


The most effective way to really increase a penis is surgery. Not every man can overcome his fear of doctors, but if you decide to have a penis enlargement surgery, you can get a good result. All surgical interventions are divided into three groups:

  • Operations to increase the length of the penis;
  • Operations to increase the volume;

The operation to increase the length of the penis is performed by cutting the ligamentous apparatus of the penis. In this case, the surgeon uses a Y-shaped or vertical incision. In this way, about 4 cm can be added to the man's penis. After the operation, the penis will take a more horizontal position during erection. Also, after surgery, you may need to wear an extender.

Penile enlargement surgery is a widely used method. The patient's adipose tissue (usually from the femoral region) is injected subcutaneously into the penis. Allografts are also used. The choice of technique in most cases depends on the financial capabilities of the man, as well as the presence or absence of medical contraindications.

For greater clarity, you can watch a video of penis enlargement surgery on the Internet.

Before using any of the penis enlargement methods, make sure that it is really effective and not dangerous for your health.

manual methods

In this group, we included all known methods that involve increasing the male penis with the help of manual labor. Here, for example, is the glorious Arabic method: take your own penis at the base with your thumb and forefinger and sharply draw them to the head. And so every day for a blissful and long 30 minutes, without allowing yourself, however, no orgasm. When you feel its inevitable approach, just stop and wait. This and similar methods are based on the fact that the blood that fills the cavernous bodies during exercise, as if "develops" the latter. As a result, they become larger and after a while are able to take in even more blood. And there is no limit to perfection.


Indeed, regular blood filling of the cavernous bodies contributes to the enlargement of the penis. The maximum possible result is 1 cm. The same effect is achieved by regular sexual activity. Everything else is in the realm of fantasy.


No more dangerous than regular masturbation.

"Bitch Methods"

In Indian language, the word "suka" means "swelling". Therefore, in this section we have included all methods based on a long-term erection, which is caused by various artificial means: chemicals, herbs, mechanical squeezing. For example, the Indian method, the Bitch Exercise, recommends daily, for an hour or more, with the help of special herbs to keep the penis in a state of erection. The rationale for these methods is similar to the previous ones. The limit to perfection is the same.

Prolonged (for several hours) artificially induced erection is a dangerous condition and often requires surgical intervention. Therefore, it is not necessary to conduct such experiments at a territorial distance from a medical institution.


If you can draw out the ears, nose, lips and even the neck, then the same can be done with the penis. Methods based on this statement, we have identified in the third group. I must say, these methods are very popular. For example, in the upper reaches of the Ganges River there lives a tribe that considers the Penis to be the residence of God's Spirit. Therefore, the lengthening of this organ is purely ritual in nature. The technique is quite simple - with the help of a simple device, a load is suspended from the boy's penis, the weight of which gradually increases. So by the time a young man matures, God's residence most of all resembles a long hose or, taking into account the local color, a vine that had to be twisted and carried in a special basket. True, this body is no longer capable of performing any other function, except for the residential one. Therefore, prudent natives subject only the elite to such a ritual.


The limit of perfection is not known to science.


Within reasonable limits, the method is safe and is currently used in medicine.

Strength of mind

I can count, and this group is really the fourth. It so happened that it arose on its own, as this article was being written. Otherwise, where would I put, for example, the Taoist (or Taoist) method (all sorts of meditative exercises). Or a technique of self-hypnosis. As well as other no less "real" ways, which at first I just wanted to keep silent. But then I thought that it would still be unfair. Or, in modern terms, undemocratic.


No scientific data available.


Nothing bad will happen to your member. That's for sure. Good, however, too. But a weak head can easily be left without a roof.

Practice on the merits

As you already understood, "a lot" does not always mean "enough". Therefore, despite the countless number of existing methods, the demand for penis enlargement techniques has remained practically unsatisfied until recently. And now the search for the perfect way to increase your penis is in full swing. So the desired light at the end of the tunnel, apparently, is still very far away. But still.

penis lengthening

To date, there is so far the only (in the sense, the only truly effective) method for increasing the length of the penis - mobilization.


The organ in question exists, as you yourself understand, not just by itself, but is attached by a special triangular ligament (called, if anyone is curious) to the pubic bone. This ligament originates from the pubic symphysis (the junction of the pubic bones) and, dividing, is woven into the base of the penis. In principle, with the exception of the lateral foramens, the ligament contains neither vessels nor nerves. Due to the intersection of this ligament (lateral branches, as a rule, do not touch), the penis is first mobilized and then pulled out using a special apparatus. At the same time, the increase in the penis does not occur due to its elongation in the literal sense, but due to the removal of additional reserves to the outside - one third, uselessly hidden inside the scrotum.


First, they cross the very ligament with a long name, thereby increasing the mobility of the penis. According to the doctors, this action does not bear any harmful consequences: the member will not come off, will not move on its side, will not twist and will not "dislocate". Since this organ, important for procreation, even without the mentioned ligament, has a sufficient number of formations holding it. After that, the penis begins to be pulled out, approximately like a turnip from the fairy tale of the same name, only instead of the folklore grandmother, grandfather and granddaughter, a special apparatus is used. In fact, it resembles the notorious Ilizarov apparatus, and the principle of operation is generally the same. To achieve maximum effect, this device should be worn for at least ten to twelve hours a day for four to six months. At the same time, ordinary life is not disturbed: you can walk, work and sleep with the device. You can also live sexually, only the device will first have to be removed.


In 80% of cases, an elongation of 3 cm is achieved. Particularly resistant ones can receive an increase of 5 cm. In this case, the diameter remains the same. Although the numbers themselves are not very impressive, when applied specifically to the penis, they are simply huge. Imagine the difference between 15 and 20 centimeters. Almost earth and sky.


No more dangerous than any plastic surgery.

There must be a lot of good

80% of men who want to lengthen the penis also want to give it extra volume. At first unenlightened glance, the problem of diametric penis enlargement, as opposed to its linear increase, should have an easier solution. But this is only at first glance. And yet this problem is also solved.

Lipoplasty (or liposculpture)


The missing volume is filled with own fat.


Everything is very simple. Fat with the help of a special device is sucked out from the place where there is so much of it (this is called liposuction), processed using a special technology, and then injected into the part of the body you are interested in to achieve the desired result. To do this, the borrowed fat is spread throughout the volume of the penis and plastered for a while, giving the composition a certain shape. It turns out quite nice. However, the joy of happy owners of increased dignity sometimes turns out to be very short-lived. Since fat, deprived of the necessary nutrition, has a pernicious habit of being absorbed. And in about 50% of patients (or, more precisely, clients) by the end of the tenth day, all acquired surpluses disappear without a trace. As, by the way, and the money for the operation.


The main one is not the stability of the result. In addition, there are some side effects. Not fatal, but unpleasant.


A thicker penis looks quite attractive.

silicone dick

But still, the idea to pump up the penis with something dense and elastic was in the air. And of course, official medicine could not pass by. True, instead of vaseline, esculapamia uses polyacryloamide gel, better known as silicone.


A gel is pumped under the skin of the penis.


Just. In addition, unlike vaseline, it does not lead to the above complications.


Since the gel is not fixed by anything, over time, under the influence of the steady force of gravity, it accumulates in the area of the head. In this case, the penis becomes similar to the tail of a lion. Or, if you like, with a mace. Of course, this could be attributed to a purely aesthetic problem, if it were not for the problems with exposing the head. What causes phimosis (inflammation of the foreskin) or balanopastitis (inflammation of the head)

Polymer materials

This is also a kind of silicone, only not liquid, but more dense and plastic, in consistency it is close, rather, to plasticine.


What is needed is "molded" and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the penis.


Same as gel. Plus, it doesn't leak anywhere.


May break. Not the penis itself, of course, but what was stuck on it. Which, in turn, is accompanied by pain and injury to already completely natural tissues. Dr. Bertrand warns: To date, the above methods (liposuction and the introduction of non-fixed synthetic materials) are already a past stage and are not recommended for use. But they are not prohibited by law. Therefore, some private medical clinics (including Western ones) still include them in the list of their services. So be vigilant.

Latest achievements

In principle, this is also autoplasty, only pieces of skin are used instead of fat. There are two techniques.

Loose leather patches and materials

Own skin from any part of the body. Most often from the shoulder or from the buttocks.


Enclosed under the skin of the penis.


Does not dissolve. DOES NOT drip. Doesn't break. It is not a foreign element, therefore it takes root well and does not cause rejection. For the same reason, it is hypoallergenic.


Since the implanted piece of skin is deprived of nutrition, it becomes thinner over time.

the effect

Up to 10 cm in circumference (3 cm in diameter).


No more dangerous than any plastic surgery.

Thoracodorsal skin flaps


Your own skin is also used, but only with a particle of muscle (most often the latissimus dorsi or serratus), as well as with the artery that feeds it.


The cut out flap is not just placed in the right place, but sewn on like a torn finger or ear.


If the flap takes root, then its nutrition is preserved.


Might not settle down. As with any other vascular operation, there is a possibility of anastomotic leak (the junction of blood vessels). In addition, the anastomosis may become thrombosed. True, if this does not happen at the first time, then a communicative (additional) blood circulation occurs.

Traditional medicine vs size

"Environmentally friendly" means include two groups:

  • exclusively physical exercises without dieting;
  • the use of funds (herbs, tinctures, different types of tea).


In the first group, there are several methods. All of them mainly include massage. It helps to make the penis longer and thicker, enhances the libido itself - sexual desire. One popular form of massage is jelqing. Its essence lies in filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood.

The effect is created by simple manipulations with the organ from its base to the head alternately with both hands. At the same time, a ring is made from the thumb and forefinger into which the penis is clamped. The process is like milking a cow (may men forgive us for this unattractive comparison). The organ, stretching, is filled with blood. In this case, the erection should be partial. For the duration of each manipulation, about three seconds are allotted. Jelqing with a lubricant, cream or spray is called wet, without it - dry. The former is considered more effective, plus you avoid the risk of "rubbing your dick". Regular classes will show the result in 2-3 months.

Thanks to jelqing:

  • blood circulation is stimulated;
  • increased pressure inside the penis;
  • growth of cavernous fibers occurs;
  • new cells are formed.

Another similar way to enlarge a penis right at home is stretching. It implies a slow and gentle effect on the sexual organ in a non-erect state. This exercise may involve almost 360° turns or pendulum-like movements. Usually it is repeated up to ten times (cycle - 15 seconds).

An increase in an organ can also be combined with the use of additional devices - for example, weights. They are hung on a string and walk like that for a while. For safety reasons, the load should not be too heavy at first. You can add weight gradually, as the member gets used to it. This exercise has not yet lost its popularity, but is considered quite traumatic.