What exercises for penis enlargement are the most effective

For most men, penis size, sustainable potency are indicators of a fulfilling life. And few people are happy with it. Pharmaceutical preparations are expensive, not available to everyone. Effectively, safely and free of charge, special exercises will help to increase the penis.

Impressive penis size through exercise

Ideal penis size: what is it

There is no accepted ideal. Each man is different, but if the length of the penis does not reach 8 cm in an excited state, this can be considered a deviation. Although size is not an indicator of the quality of sexual contacts. The decision to enlarge the phallus is often caused by one's own self-doubt or the wishes of the partner. But if the thought haunts, special training will help.

Important!!!It will not be possible to achieve the expected parameters quickly. Regular and persistent practice is needed.

Is it possible to enlarge a penis?

The main factors for obtaining the result are: perseverance, constancy, diligence, accuracy, since with the wrong technique, the organ can be damaged. You will have to perform penis enlargement exercises for a certain amount of time.

Methods for the growth of the reproductive organ

Techniques will not only add a couple of centimeters to the phallus, but also give elasticity. Their plus is that all workouts can be done at home:

  • taking special drugs;
  • jelqing;
  • surgical intervention;
  • massage;
  • gels, creams;
  • nozzles;
  • vacuum;
  • hanging weights in order to stretch the organ.

Preparing for Exercise

Before starting gymnastics, it is important to prepare.

  • Select lubricant.
  • Buy inventory if it is described in the technique.
  • After that, you need to warm up the penis: without this, friction is not worth it, otherwise the penis can be damaged.

The warm-up technique is simple, but it must be done carefully:

  1. Take a terry towel, soak it in hot water, wring it out.
  2. Open the head, wrap the organ. It is important to remember that the material should be hot, but not scalding.
  3. Hold for about five minutes.
  4. Pat dry or blot with a tissue.

Increasing the thickness

The size of the penis excites many men. But it is worth knowing that it is the diameter that is more important for a woman.

There are not many ways. Basically, they are divided by severity levels, types of compression and cyclicity. Gymnastics is performed after the above preparations. The main thing is not to overdo it, be sure to take into account safety precautions.

If during the manipulations there are slight pains, it is necessary to stop training.

Increasing the length

To make the penis longer, do power pulls. They are carried out in a state of rest of the penis:

  1. Take a member by the head, pull it away from you in the forward direction for five seconds. Also perform left, right, up. During the period, the cavernous bodies are stretched. There shouldn't be any pain.
  2. Stretching in a circle. To perform, you need to stretch the penis, holding it by the head. To begin, move forward and up, then repeat counterclockwise. Only about twenty-five turns. Sometimes the organ should be shaken, this will restore blood flow. This method well straightens the cartilaginous processes that are at its base.
  3. You can do stretching while sitting. Slightly erect penis pull to the buttocks, sit on it. During the performance of actions, the pressure on the cavernous bodies increases, thereby the organ "grows" in length and width.
  4. Jelqing. Before starting, you need to achieve an incomplete erection. With a ring of thumb and forefinger, slowly from the base lead to the head. Manipulation lasts a couple of seconds, then change the hand, repeat. Duration - 5 minutes. If the moment of ejaculation is approaching, it is better to take a break, and then continue.
  5. Bell. A man should achieve a full erection and standing, spreading his legs wider than shoulder level, begin vertical and horizontal movements of the pelvis. At this point, it is important to tighten the muscles of the perineum.

How to consolidate the result of training?

After exercising, a man should do a penis massage

To make training more effective, classes should be completed with a massage. Massaging should be done using a lubricant for several minutes, and finished with a warm wrap.

Expert advice

Achieving penis growth is not so difficult. But you need to individually select a set of exercises and get advice from a doctor to avoid negative consequences.

You don't have to focus on size. Often the feelings are unfounded. Therefore, before starting self-torture, it is worth talking with your partner. Maybe she's fine with it.